The life cycle of food products includes agriculture, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, use and disposal. Agricultural production generally is the largest contributor to the life cycle impact of food, typically greater than 50 percent of the environmental footprint. The largest source of environmental impact is from food and beverage products. Agricultural production is estimated to be responsible for about one-third of the human-induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and about half of the food supply’s GHG emissions. The food supply chain is responsible for about 20-30 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, there remains a significant challenge ahead for the food industry to be more sustainable, as the industry plays a significant role in environmental impact. To reduce the impact of agricultural production, focusing on responsible methods is important. When animal-based products are used, it’s best to find sources with less-intensive feeding and raising practices.

The concept of dining at Fava is based on sustainability and good health. As a responsible restaurant, it is our duty to consider the impact our actions have on our planet, right from sourcing local ingredients to the dining patterns we encourage. The menu at Fava has been created using fresh, pesticide-free, local and artisanal ingredients sourced from their place of origin. The working definition for good food is that it should be produced, processed, distributed and disposed of in ways that it contributes to thriving local economies and sustainable livelihoods. We source our organic/ zero pesticide ingredients from the local farmers, our vegetables and fruit are sourced from Maple Tree farm & First Agro and fresh cheese from Father Michael, all from in and around Bangalore.

The Sea food served at Fava is sourced from the deep sea and is not farm bred. The Poorna Farm chicken and grass-fed lamb sourced by us is hormone and antibiotic free. Most of the ingredients we use are organic or sustainable and sourced from farms and artisanal producers in our neighbourhood. At Fava we use Earth Loaf chocolates made from organically certified Indian cacao beans. These single origin high quality chocolates are crafted in Mysore by David Belo and have complex flavours which are achieved by harnessing the best of the cacao bean and highlighting their unique terroir or environmental characteristics. Palmyra sugar used in the chocolates adds subtle notes of fruit, licorice and a long finish. Hand crafting the chocolate at low temperatures helps to preserve all the nutritional wealth naturally found in cacao i.e. Iron, Magnesium, Anti-Oxidants and Anandamide which promotes Serotonin production in the body, all of which is usually damaged during roasting in traditional chocolate.