A Mediterranean Makeover

Chef Abhijit Saha shares a peek into the exciting, revamped menu featuring unconventional Mediterranean dishes and the all-new look at Fava.

Fava, a much-loved Mediterranean restaurant in Bangalore, has undergone a complete transformation, not just in the interiors, but also in terms of the menu, as well as the culinary philosophy. Chef and Director Abhijit Saha shares how, after seven years of being one of the city’s favourite restaurants, it was time to refresh.

The new look is much brighter and younger, incorporating colours reminiscent of the Med. The menu philosophy has also changed, and now places emphasis on wellness rather than just flavour. While old Fava favourites still remain on the menu, a number of new dishes have been added for an unconventional dining experience featuring cuisines from Italy, Turkey, Greece, and beyond.

Here, Chef Abhijit Saha shares a glimpse into this exciting transformation, and some of the signatures on the menu.

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